Established company policies and procedures for quality control

have been the standard of practice at S.E.I. since inception.

Our primary objective is to maintain quality control

and product integrity for all parts supplied to our customers.

Adherence to this system will ensure the detection of quality concerns,

and maintain product quality through order fulfillment.

Our goal is to meet all quality assurance requirements,

strive for continual improvement, and always achieve customer satisfaction.


Surplus Electrical Innovations, Inc. is a trusted supplier of

surplus electrical components to the United States military.

Material is procured directly from S.E.I. through competitive government acquisition

or from one of our many reputable customers who also supply our nation’s military. 

S.E.I. has received the Defense Logistics Agency Recognition for Excellence - Gold Award,

recognizing our continued customer satisfaction over the course of many years.

Additionally, S.E.I. has always held an above average Automated Best Value System (ABVS)

and Past Performance Information Retrieval System (PPIRS) scores.

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction in quality and delivery

as reflected in our prior awards and past performance records.





Surplus Electrical Innovations, Inc. is committed to our company counterfeit detection

and avoidance policy so that only genuine parts and equipment are provided to our customers.

Product inspections are performed at every possible phase of the inventory management process

to ensure that counterfeit material does not enter the government supply chain.

Any item identified as a suspect counterfeit part is immediately segregated and tagged to avoid future use.

Rigorous efforts are made to eradicate the presence of counterfeit material in our inventory,

and avoid the reintroduction of such material into the government supply system.

Employees are trained regarding the importance of counterfeit identification,

and are given details and examples of the traits of counterfeit material.

Such examples are the remarking of part number, over marking of part identification,

missing or incorrect manufacturer logos and seals, substandard manufacture, and part number discrepancies.

Surplus Electrical Innovations, Inc. strives to identify non-conforming products prior to inclusion in company inventory.

Controls are in place throughout S.E.I. processes so that identification and exclusion of

non-conforming material can be made at all phases of company operation.



 Surplus Electrical Innovations, Inc. Awards